Sold: Duncan Custom Shop Amos Aged PAF Humbucker set - Never Fitted - £245 delivered

BazPBazP Frets: 355
edited December 2018 in Parts £
These are Duncan Custom Shop PAFs based on measurements of those fitted to one of the original 58 Korina Flying Vs' owned and dubbed 'Amos' by forum favourite Joe Bonamassa

The box has been opened and is second hand, but the pickups are brand new and have never been fitted, as the deal for the V I was buying fell through (thanks Thomann!) All original screws and springs included

These pair were measured by Duncan with a DC resistance of 7.5k for the neck and 8.4k on the bridge

Unusually, they are wound with Alnico VI magnets - don't see that too often

Initialed on the back by the winder 'MB' and by Joe

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