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Right you lot.  The post-Xmas / pre New Year clearout commenceth.  I've gone a bit GAS trigger happy - again - and need to free up space and try to nudge the Six String Bank deficit back towards the black. 

Besides those below there's also a metallic cock pink jazzmaster for the chop, but due to logo issues it ain't going up here, and I've a Maton acoustic in the acoustic section (betcha didn't even know it was there: go look - it's a whole new world!)

First up we have this CIJ Jaguar which I took in a part trade a few months ago.  Cracking looking thing, with all the knobs and buttons to muck about with and do those Jaggy things that your heart could desire.  Modestly upgraded by me with a Staytrem collet and trem arm for your surfy vibrato noises.  It's fitted with a roller bridge that was on it when I got it. 

The guitar has clearly lived a rock n roll life, with it's fair share of dings both major and minor.  Perhaps the most alarming looking is the one on the neck but while you can certainly feel it as a very minor irregularity when playing the edges are smooth and it's no impediment to all those runs, licks and whammy tricks you all like to amuse yourselves with.

Comes in a beast of a generic hard case in decent nick - with key.  £625 now £595!!! now £575!!!! takes it; happy to discuss postage options


ADDED (with some reluctance but heigh ho) this rather natty - and immaculate - Gibson ES355.  2016 model with factory Bigsby.  Utterly pristine, with case and COA and all the rest of it.

Acquired off this here forum a few months ago, just realising for the nth time that however lovely they are to look at, big Gibson semis are not my thang.  Which is a pity, because it's about the finest semi I've ever had in my hands (fnarr)

Yours for what I got it for, viz. £2500  NOW SOLD

Next up is this Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker that I scored of this here very forum a month or two ago.  Slimmed down 2014 model, proper mahogany and maple build and even features a most comfy gut cut.

The stock pickups were apparently a bit lame, so they have been swapped out for replacements which sound the absolute mutts nuts. 

It's in decent nick on the whole: few battle scars pictured, most notably on the back and near the rear starp button where I believe it had a Bigsby for a while.  Pictures swiped from @dickieguitar who sold it to me: he seems a decent fellow and I doubt he'll mind too much.

Comes in a groovy clean Gibson gig bag.  For that reason would prefer to hand over in person - N or Central London but as ever will discuss options.  Yours for the extremely modest £350 I paid.  NOW SOLD


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