FT: Taylor GS Mini - Natural (with Taylor Go Mini pickup) - GONE

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I got this earlier this year after needing something a wee bit beefier sounding than my Yamaha APX500iii (which I have since sold).

This guitar is most certainly beefier in terms of sound, but I realise now I actually preferred the feel of and playing the APX. The thing that let the APX down was it's very 'thin' sound acoustically.

I'd like to trade this for another acoustic akin to the Yamaha in terms of playability but with a less thin sound. 

The guitar is in superb condition and comes complete with standard Taylor GS Mini case. It's also got the Go Mini pickup and ebony bridge pins which I purchased as additional extras.

Here's a quick pic:

If there's anybody out there with anything please let me know.


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