Sold via Bumtree: 1984 Peavey Horizon II, Contour case, £300 £260 £250 price drop

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Here's my '84 Horizon II with original Contour case, hang tag, manual, wang bar and (Original?) Peavey strings.
Excellent condition all round, 3 micro dings that I can find...2 of which on the edge and one on the face, so small I didn't even know they were there.
Original knobs are missing but have been replaced with genuine Gibson speed knobs, the originals would have been similar but with the rubber band around them.
Looks to be plenty life in the frets with some wear but not much in the way of divots.
The case had previously had the foam removed from the body/neck rest areas as it  is very prone to eating into the guitars finish, bubblewrap has been placed here but I may replace this with a blanket of some sort, also I'd suggest it's time to replace the foam that protects the strings/headstock as it has seen better days.

I would like £300 £260  £250 PP fees on you. including UK delivery, £240 if collecting with cold hard cash

Excuse the photos, they were taken with the front camera on my phone (sale of this guitar buys new phone!)

EDIT:  the last 3 images are from the first day I got this, the knobs have been changed since as mentioned above.
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