*SOLD* Vigier Excalibur - Shawn Lane Signature **List of Trades Added**

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I've not had this long, and at first I was completely in love with it. Then I realised that I am probably never going to have the chops to do it justice - it makes me want to play much faster than I am capable of (which inevitably ends in disaster!).

Pics at the Imgur link below - it's in great condition, no major dings or damage to speak of. It sounds incredible and plays like an oily, buttered seal.

For those who don't know, it's an zero/infinite radius fretboard so action can be set as low as 1mm at the 12th fret.

Couple of things to add - I have had a treble bleed cap added (I can have this removed if not wanted). I also had the bridge pickup swapped for a Bareknuckle Holy Diver. I kept the original Dimarzio Air Classic though so I can have this put back if the Bareknuckle isn't wanted.

Loads of pics here:https://imgur.com/a/lLy4Rj3 - I've taken as many as I could to show any marks/swirls.

Hard Case included

It's had a fret dress from Ray Cooper and will be fully setup to your specifications by my preferred tech prior to any trade or sale.


Trade-wise, I'm interested in any of the following - or similar

Suhr Modern
Vigier Excalibur (standard Vigier radius)
Richie Sambora Signature Strat
Ibanez J-Custom

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