Tama TG-160

I've owned my Tama TG-160 for about 4 years now, previously bought from a seller in Sweden who was the original owner. 

This is an exceptional guitar, very finely crafted and has a real warmth to it's sound. The tone is quite unique, piano like with soft bass. Well balanced and a bit of punch in the mid range. Very good as a strummer or fingerpicking guitar, so a versatile dreadnought. 

The top is German spruce, with solid Jacaranda back and sides, smells like chocolate everytime I open the case! The guitar is bound in maple and finished in cashew nut oil. The concept of the Tama TG series was to make a guitar as close to natural as possible without the heavy synthetic finishes of many of its competitors

The neck is very comfortable with a soft v profile and ebony fingerboard. It is a good recording guitar and has nice clarity.

Tama guitars were produced by Seisakusho Co. in Aichi, Japan. The last Tama guitars were made in 1979 and a rare limited edition model TG 190 was produced to showcase the very best Japanese luthiers of the time. Personally I would put some of the Tama guitars up there with K.Yairi etc

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