WTT/Sell - £2,000 Unique Hand Engraved Aluminium topped & Headstock faced Guitar (1990 GS1)-Dragons

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Good afternoon all,

Something a bit special and totally unique.

Built on a 1990 GS1, P90.

Hand Engraved by world class British Gun Engraver (Westley Richards, Rigby, Holland and Holland, Purdey, Boss etc). 

Better photos are being prepared currently.

Trade and PX offers invited:

Some ideas for a start (not exhaustive):
  • Vintage 1961-1963 Gibson Les Paul SG Junior
  • Vintage 1961-1963 Gibson Les Paul SG Special
  • Particularly nice Gibson ES335 - Blonde and figured
  • Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion III - Black
  • Gibson LPs R9, R0, early 90s Custom PP/Classic P or PP
  • Vintage USA and USA Custom Shop BC Rich Guitars - Mockingbird, Bich, Eagle
  • Vintage, rare and unusual USA Hamers - eg. Standard, Sunburst, FB, O’Connor airbrushed, Vintage-S, Cali etc WHY.
  • Also older EBMM guitars, old Silhouettes, Axis, EVH, Luke, Morse etc.
Sell for £2,500 ono (happy to consider Part-ex as well)


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