marshall blue tolex 6100 el34 head for sale

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Hi , ive decided to sell my 6100 el34 head. It is in excellent condition. Its been mostly bedroom and studio playing and rarely gigged , you can see from the photos how tidy it is. Its also had a very recent full health check at Marshall and some new preamp tubes , a new biased quad of power valves , el34's and a few other bits. Footswitch shows the minimal use its had. A bit of the grippy foam on the foot pedal base is coming off as its so old.
Playing and viewing absolutely welcome. Just the head ( the cab pictured is not included).
If you are looking then you know it is. This is of course the more sought after blue telex version as opposed to the later 6100lm with the 5881's.
I will consider sensible offers over £800
more photos available , please pm me
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