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Carr Slant 6V 40w head A reluctant sale of a superb top-of-the-range Carr amplifier.6V6 equipped and switchable between 40/22/18 Watts. I bought this primarily as a clean platform to contrast my high gain amps. Fabulous Fender-ish clean channel married with a huge Marshall-ish dirty.
Footswitchable boost on channel 2 (footswitch and cable supplied).This one was factory converted from a combo to a head. It was also factory re-wired to UK 240v (ignore the mains label - it is indeed 240Volts). This is a low serial number, with reverb on channel 1 and an FX loop. It is in near immaculate condition and comes in a fabulous all-over zip-up cover made by Studio Slips in the US. You don't see these for sale very often in this great condition. It's been cherished in a non-smoking, pet-free, talent-free home.Please read the review here:

This description is from the Carr website:

"The 40 watt Slant 6V offers an impressive range of legendary American and British tones, and unprecedented versatility and usable power without sacrificing the warmth, clarity and handbuilt, all-tube tone that are the hallmark of our amplifiers. At the heart of the Slant 6V are two independent, foot-switchable channels: Channel One bridges our shimmering clean tone with gutbucket, overdriven blues, while the dual gain settings on Channel Two offer pure tube crunch, soaring sustain and fluid dynamic response.
The Slant 6V can be operated at half-power in cathode bias (18W) or fixed bias mode (22W), yielding tones reminiscent of early tweed and AC-style combos in cathode mode, and a punchier, more tightly defined sound in fixed bias mode. And at full power, the Slant 6V runs four 6V6 output tubes split in cathode and fixed bias pairs, placing every conceivable classic tube tone at your fingertips. "

Any questions, just ask.
(Does not include the speaker cab in the picture, obviously)I can ship insured at about £45 (and have a suitable Marshall box and packaging to hand) if that’s what you want, but it's up to you to sort-out any complaints with the courier if it gets damaged in transit. You can also arrange your own courier if you wish. Far better to collect from me in the West Midlands (J4 M54) - free cup of tea

£1400 PPG / cash Sold on eBay for £1275

I think, therefore.... I... ummmm........
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