FS - PRS Sweet 16. Hand built USA 1 x 12 Combo

All hand-wired in Stevensville, Maryland, USA.  It's a simple, single channel tone machine with tube driven reverb.

It's a very musical amp with 12ax7 preamp and 6V6 output valves.  It can happily deliver a great gritty blues tone, a spanking clear country twang or flat out rock (and if you want more - it takes pedals well too).

While16 watts is plenty for most situations (especially if you're mic'd up) but it also means that you can push it into creamy output drive without deafening the front row!  It's also makes very little background noise so it's ideal for the studio (or home) as well.

Sorry, I forgot to pull the spike tape off before taking the pics - it's not damages, just marks the sweet spot for a mic.


Guitars - Mainly old Fenders.... waaaay too many
  Amps -   Ditto!
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