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I've got a few issues at the moment (haven't I always !) - a 10mm polyp in my gallbladder and some pain in my lower right bowel.  I'm on a waiting list to get the gallbladder removed.  Apparently, polyps over 10mm are more likely to be cancerous or to turn cancerous over time.  I've had a pain in my appendix area (lower right bowel) for several years.  I saw the GP about it in 2013 (I think) and he dismissed it.  It's been getting a bit worse these past few months and I mentioned it to the consultant when I saw him yesterday regarding my gallbladder.  He poked me about a bit and found a spot that made me yelp.  He's now sending me for a CT scan.

Those of you who know me of old will know I'm a bugger for health anxiety and automatically assume the worst case scenario.  I just searched the forum for 'health anxiety' and came across my threads from 2015 when I basically had a meltdown.  I'd forgotten how bad I was until I re-read it.

I'd also forgotten what a good bunch of guys you are and how you all came to my aid with advice and offers of phone numbers and PMs etc and I just wanted to say how much it was appreciated.  Thank you.

I do love this place :heart: 

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