NGD - Yamaha Revstar RS820CR

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CountryDaveCountryDave Frets: 229
Played a few of these at the Brum guitar show, not long after they were launched and came away very impressed.
Fast forward to late last year when a mate left his 720b at my house for a couple of weeks and I started getting twitchy fingers.
@bad_alice advertised her 820, a couple of messages later and a meet up was arranged for 11ish this morning at Glasgow Central.
Despite Storm Erik’s best efforts (replacing fence panels at 5am, setting off to catch a train north at 6.40 only to find it delayed by 45mins, it stopping at Carlisle and a 2 hour bus journey sat behind 2 gobby know-it-all’s), my long suffering wife and I arrived just before 11.
We met in Costa and the guitar was exactly as Suzy had described it. Deal done we shared a few stories and pictures of our guitars - seems we both have similar tastes.
A whistle-stop tour of Glasgow with fingers crossed that the train home would be running,
A quick re-string with a set of 10’s and I’m really very pleased indeed.
It fills the humbucker gap in my arsenal very nicely. The fit and finish is superb and playability is fab.

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