1932 Oscar Schmidt Sovereign

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Rare as hens teeth all Koa Sovereign 
listed in the 1932 catalogue for $35. A bit amount for a Stella 

ive had this a while and never got around to getting it fully sorted. I thought that I would have plenty of time but somethings come up. 

it needs work done to the neck. The board is a bit wavy. Someone in the past has tried to level the frets and not made a great job of it. 
Tom Waghorn in Bristol thinks he would try a refret with taller frets and level the lot. 
There is tons of bridge and saddle height 
the neck doesn’t need a set. By the looks it’s been off in the past. 

These fancy Sovereigns are very hard to buy these days. They are leagues above the standard Stellas

its advertised for £2000
this can be negotiated but I have to start somewhere 

12 1/2” lower bout 
24 7/8” scale length 
1 7/8” nut

Take a look. 



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