SOLD: Cornell Romany 12 Tweed 10w Combo *Price Drop!!

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I bought this amp brand new from Vintage and modern guitars in Thame less than a month ago but have since found a 2nd hand Cornell Vintage Brown which is more ‘me’.

Valve Complement :

2 x ECC83
1 x ECC81
1 x 6L6GT

​Output Switch:

​Power A-B-C-D

A - 10 watts
B - 1.5 watts
C - 0.25 watt
D - 0.05 watt

It’s absolutely stunning both in looks and sound with a beautiful onboard reverb. Wattage can be reduced to 0.5 watts from a max of 10 (very loud) watts.


a tiny scuff and a small dent are only issues, they were actually there when I bought it new.

Don’t want to lose too much on this, it’s still covered by warranty and only two and a half week’s old! £750 seems very fair. Cheers!

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