FS/ FT JHS Angry Charlie V3 & Rimrock effects mythical overdrive "lil mo"

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Hi all. 
2 superb pedals for sale here. All prices include postage. My victory kraken head does all these pedals job so time for a cull.

 Rimrock effects mythical overdrive "lil mo" This pedal is a top of the line overdrive pedal, hand wired in the USA and imported to the Uk and one of the most revered member of the klon klone family. This goes from transparent like boost to above and beyond tubescreamer. It isn't by any means high gain but will push and an as little or as much as you could possibly need. This is the smaller housing "lil mo" but the same mythical pedal inside. These are rare and hard to find. Used twice at home with box, spotless and fully working. RRP $169 plus shipping plus import charges to UK. Grab a bargain £125. Here's a link to the website 


 JHS Angry Charlie v3 - phenomenal overdrive pedal. From low gain boost to full amp like gain with an impressive 3 band eq. No box and a few lumps and bumps but full working order £120

I'll also take trades on the lil mo. Interested in other overdrives and delays. Thanks. 
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