Martin 00-18

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I picked up this used 00-18 from Coda a couple of weeks ago, for a pretty reasonable price.


Being a 2016, I believe this was one of the first ones made after Martin amalgamated the existing 00-18v and regular 00-18 models…….? (correct me if I’m wrong).  


It’s effortless to play and the sound is very clear and punchy all the way up the neck, with a fair bit of volume for a small(ish) guitar.  Very hard to put down.  I have it tuned down a half step at the moment, and attempting some Eric Skye type solo jazz stuff.  (Emphasis on attempting).   


I prefer this to the Lowden F25 that I had a few years ago, which was much more ‘harp like’, ‘mystical’ and ‘overtone rich’, ..,… is that what’s known as the Irish sound???   Crap description but both very, very nice and very different guitars.

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