FS - Jet City Custom 22 and Tonebone Headbone VT - price trim

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Since getting the Marshall Origin, this just isn't getting any use - even with the Tonebone that I used to give myself a two amp, three-channel setup (the Tonebone will also be FS in the appropriate channel), so I thought I might as well shift it on. 

Two channels (f/s included) of mayhem. The cruch channel can just stay clean and goes into modded Marshall territory and the gain channel goes from there into very saturated stuff. It's quite a modern sounding thing, but will go from classic rock through to BROOTALZ. A clean platform it aint. 

Ludicrously good value and in mint condish. I have the original packaging so could send, but would obviously prefer a meet and greet - anywhere within an hour's drive of Gatwick, I guess. 

£160 plus delivery if necessary. Whatta bargain. 

This pic for scale - sitting atop an oversized 1x12

Also selling the Headbone, which allows 2 amp heads to be connected safely to 1 cab, switching between heads with the unit itself or an external footswitch. I have a UK power switch, but not the original packaging. They are bloody pricy new, but I'll let this go for £140 delivered

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