WTB: TempleAudio Plates FS: Pigtronix Philosophers Tone Micro Comp (£75)

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Pigtronix PT Mini: £75 firm

Perfect condition, boxed, not gigged.

Trades for Fairfield Accountant, Wampler Ego Mini. If you had the ltd edition Xotic SP Comp in red i’d consider that too.

Other mini comps with blend considered too - if there are any!



Interested in maybe trading the comp for a boost - the SolidGoldFX Boosts look interesting. Mini sized preferable

WTB: Temple Audio Stuff

I'm after mainly medium and small plates, and I'd love a patchbay too if the price was right.

Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl Mk II

Not for sale! But I would like to trade for the HiFi version. Need a bit more treble to cut through live.

Benefits of the MkII are the generally more lo-fi sound, and the ability to turn it into a tremolo with the dip switches.
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