Patrick James Eggle Linville Cutaway Custom Built in Madagascar Rosewood SOLD

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This is a really beautiful custom built cutaway Linville model in April 2010 in superb condition, with fitted Hiscox case.
It has Madagascar Rosewood back & sides, Ebony fretboard, Sitka Spruce top,Gotch PJE Gold Tuners, Leave inlays on fretboard,
Myrtlewood Body Binding, Aspen Purfling with a 1mm lower bridge.
It was also fitted with an inbuilt pickup, can't remember which make, but think it is an early LRBaggs, with just the one one wheel volume control fitted discreetly round the rosette, but sounds really good, whichever make it is!
The guitar is absolutely stunning to look at and plays like a dream, with a lovely action and beautiful tone.
Anyone who has ever tried or played a PJE acoustic, made by the man himself, will know the build quality of his guitars and he had great reviews in various magazines. Unfortunately he no longer makes acoustics, presumably due to cost and time and now only produces electrics which are also high end guitars but obviously quicker and easier to build!
As anyone who know about woods, Madagascar Rosewood is now thought to be as good as Brazilian Rosewood, if not better as its not so subseptible to cracking, and is becoming very hard to get hold of.
Myself, I have never seen another PJE built in this wood and you will probably be hard to find another guitar that looks as stunning as the Madagascar wood Patrick managed to source on this particular guitar.
Though I am mainly am electric player, I have had quite a few high end acoustics over the many years such as Martins, Collins Sergi de jonge etc and IMO this is probably the best acoustic I have owned.
I am looking for around £2,600 which I believe is a very fair price for a quality built, rare and stunning guitar which I don't think anyone who comes and tries and views will be disappointed. 

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