Sontronics SOLO dynamic mic - anybody tried these?

TJT1979TJT1979 Frets: 40

I am looking for a reasonably-priced (£100ish) dynamic mic for live vocals. I sing mostly backing vocals in a rock band, although for a few songs I play a greater part. We're not hugely loud but even with a quietish drummer there is still a certain level of noisiness!

I am male, with a fairly deep voice. I had been looking at SM58s and e835s, but for roughly the same price, the Solo gets excellent reviews, is made in the UK, and looks interesting. Has anybody tried one?

On a side note: it appears we should have a 'Live Sound equipment' forum under the 'Gear' section - to discuss mics, cables, PA, monitors etc... from an equipment perspective. This thread is under the 'Playing' group which appears to be more related to technique etc. Perhaps I should have posted this somewhere else?

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