Trex Replay box

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Here is my review of the T-Rex Replay box delay pedal pictured on my board above. Iv'e had it about a year or thereabout so I think it is high time I put fingers to keyboard.

The sound of the pedal is really good, beautiful clear repeats and great range in delay times. However the level is tricky to set and gets knocked easily so benefits from the foam washer to increase the friction so it doesn't turn too easily. The same is true of all the knobs. What lets this pedal down most though is the proximity of the buttons to the control knobs. They are much too close and get shifted a lot.

As you can see in the picture I did try barefoot button covers including the tall boys which Thorpy distributes but I still couldn't get on with the switches.

The pedal is now on my "B" mess about board. It's a shame because it does sound great but needs loads of space round it and the tap tempo is just not easy to use.
I wanted to love this pedal but unfortunately I can only give T-Rex 6 out of 10 could do better.

Don't touch that dial.
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