Mooer GE-200

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So purchased one of the above on Friday of last week and in typical Andertons style it turned up Saturday morning!! Instantly opened it and plugged in.

My modelling past includes the likes of a zoom g3, zoom g5 and a Yamaha dg stomp. This thing absolutely blows them out of the water modelling wise. The cleans are good but the high gain models are superb. The drives all seem a bit generic and mostly very similar and the rest if the effects are very usable.

I don't think the effects are as good as the g5 but the amp sims alone are worth the drop in effects quality for me being a (now) bedroom noodler. 

Couple of downsides are that the models don't seem all that responsive to the guitar volume but that's not really too bad. 

Also the aux in volume seems annoyingly quiet. Does anyone know how I could get this to be louder? I'm at max volume on my phone and can't see any settings in menus etc. 
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