SOLD 2017 Gibson Custom Shop J35 COLLECTORS EDITION MINT £1995

WarblingtonWarblington Frets: 10
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This limited edition guitar is in pristine, mint condition.It features a beautifully figured Adirondack thermally aged top and Mahogany back and sides.Particularly appealing for some on this model, is the wider nut width at 1.77 inches making it very comfortable to play.It has a low buzz free action and plays like a dream.It has plenty of volume and sustain and gets sweeter as you go up the neck.I'm not experienced with acoustic guitars as I've switched from classical guitar playing but there's no doubt this is a lovely instrument.Please note this version of the collector's edition does not have a factory fitted Baggs pick up like its 2014 counterpart.Incidentally the frets have no wear on them, there are no marks or dings ,not even surface pick marks on the scratch plate when held  to the light.The fretboard is a particularly handsome dark rosewood.I've just restrung it with Ernie Ball Earthwood 12-54 strings.I'm not sure they are the best and didn't realise the 3rd string was wound unlike the originals I took off.I'll answer any spec questions you may have as well.The case is also in mint condition and contains a certificate a C.O.A. and unopened case candy. It's immaculate.I'm based in Birmingham.
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