Replicating MXR Micro Amp with Boss GE7

jdbwalesjdbwales Frets: 124
Hello - slightly odd one this.

I’ve used an MXR Micro Amp in the loop as a volume boost for solos forever and I like how it sounds, but I sometimes find myself being fussy about the (perfect, in my opinion) Boss switch and how I would much prefer, essentially, a volume boost in Boss form that sounds just like the Micro Amp.

So, I’m thinking GE7 - anybody have any ideas about how I could replicate the Micro Amp sound with it? I know the MXR isn’t completely flat, so does anyone have any frequency settings for the GE7 to get the sound of the MXR? 

Ive tried the GE7 flat and volume boosted before and it’s not the same...
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