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making space for some new purchases so these are ready to go to new homes.  With the exception of the EP Booster, None have been out of the house and are recent new purchases so they truly are in mint condition. Pics up tonight

Prices are based on PPG and signed for Royal Mail delivery

*** NOW ADDED ****

Digitech Whammy 5. Mint condition boxed with power supply £75 *** NOW SOLD ****

Strymon Zuma incl Pedaltrain mounts. Boxed and excellent condition
£195 *** NOW SOLD ***

now added:
Xotic EP Booster £70. NOW SOLD
what can I say, a superb pedal. This one I’ve bought and sold twice and will probably buy it again if the chance comes. Has a slight few wear marks and 2 screws missing but by no means not good condition and works perfectly. Will supply boxed but not the original.


EQD Swiss Things £175 Brand New and Boxed.
Excellent Swiss Army knife of a pedal, a patch box, boost, 2 loop switcher, amp A/B and tuner out, and volume out (you can use any expression pedal for vol). 
Now £150

EHX Freeze. £75 Brand new and boxed with adapter.
excellent sound freeze retainer with momentary and permanent latching switch.
Now £65. NOW SOLD

Amoon American sound. £15.
Nifty little fender tweed soundalike pedal and drive and amp/cab sim. Used only at home for recording into a DAW to great success. NOW SOLD

Korg Pitchblack mini. £35
Brand new and boxed. Superb tuner
Now £25 NOW SOLD





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