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Save more than 60% on new price.

It's a little stunner from genius Marc Beneteau. Marc has a waiting list of 3 years+ and a base price of $7,000. His guitars are used by Don Ross and Tony McManus.

This remarkable, completely handmade masterpiece can be quiet or loud, has a K&K Mini pickup fitted which sounds extremely natural - more like a microphone than a piezo - is great for singer/songwriters, folk, blues, ragtime, general strumming and fingerpicking. It can do drop D and DADGAD quite happily. The only thing it doesn't do well is very low dropped tunings.

It comes with a lovely ivory Hiscox Pro case with the snuggest fit possible; no movement at all once the guitar is put to bed.

It's in fantastic condition so come to Chippenham, Swindon or Hungerford and try it - you'll love it.

Definitely no trades for another acoustic as I have too many. A Custom Shop Strat' or Tele' may tempt me or something else boutique such as a Novo, Echopark, Asher, Xotic. 

Here are the detailed spec's:

• Sitka spruce top
• Indian rosewood back and sides
• K & K pickup
• 12 frets to the body
• 25 " scale 
• 1 11/16" nut width
• 2 1/8" string spacing at saddle
• 14 3/16" lower bout
• Slotted headstock
• Honduran rosewood bindings
• Honduran rosewood back strip
• Honduran rosewood rosette 
• Abalone inlaid heel cap logo
• Bone nut and saddle
• Ebony fretboard
• Ebony pyramid bridge
• No position markers
• Waverly tuners

• No pickguard

* Hiscox Ivory hardshell case

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