Best UK nitro spray brand to use for refinishing?

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Firstly, sorry if this is already elsewhere on the forum. I did a quick search last night and couldn't find anything.

I've had an old 90's tobacco burst Japanese jazzmaster that the previous owner destroyed for a few years now. I got it for peanuts and planned to sell it on but it plays pretty well and sounds great. It needs a total refinish though. God knows what the last guy did to it but the finish is ruined. I'll need to fill in a good few dents and gouges and both strap buttons were missing, so I'll be filling those holes in and putting new ones in too. Quotes for refinishing in Glasgow are fairly crazy, so I'm considering stripping it with a heat gun and attempting it myself, as it genuinely couldn't be any worse than what it is. It's either that or just selling it as is and using the cash for a squier classic vibe to upgrade pickups etc. 

Is there any UK brand of the nitro cans that you guys would recommend, or avoid like the plague? 

I'll be going for sonic blue or shell pink, I think. I found northwest guitars do both colours but their sample pictures look a bit extreme. That might be negated by a strong white undercoat though? I don't mind paying a bit more if it's worth it. 

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