SOLD - BYOC CE-2 clone Chorus

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Another casualty of my 3-into-1 pedalboard aggregation - I barely use this, lovely as it sounds. My original thoughts of 'I'll keep this just in case' have been replaced by a more practical 'Pull yourself together man, how many pedals do you need in your Spare Pedals drawer!'

I posted online on TDPRI about this when I finished tweaking it and you can find the information here (although the photos have gone - see below for new ones). The pedal works from a standard 9V power supply or PP3 battery (neither supplied). It is true bypass so there is a slight click when you engage it, and there is a little nick in the blue paint (see pic 2) otherwise all good. There is hook velcro on the base at present, but I can remove this and replace with rubber feet if you prefer. Yours for £45 delivered in mainland UK.

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