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FS:Drive Pedals galore (Thorpy, 4114, egnator, fulltone , Himmelstrutz, and others!)

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having been collecting a bunch of drive pedals. time for a clear out.

Have the following for sale, might be interested in trades/part ex for other drive pedals..  Prices assume PPG.   Pedals over £75 in value will be sent special delivery,  other ones will be sent recorded.

Himmelstrutz Fetto Nord 70
Very versatile and rare as hell in the UK distortion and separate boost.  These guys are a bit legendary tbh.
  Just got this but its not going to replace the pedals I've got on my board and I've got my eye on something else.  It also comes with the coolest box known to mankind!

4114  effects mythical overdrive  v1.    Klon Clone type pedal,  has some marker pen marks where the previous owner had marked in their settings but sounds glorious,   One of the screws underneath holidng the backplate is missing but the other 3 work fine!   £80

Egnator Goldsmith - Dual overdrive/boost thing, has an effects loop, and is a very flexible drive and boost pedal indeed.  few battle scars but works perfectly.  £75 

Prototype Hiwatt pedal -  Bit of a rarity this one.   Guy I bought it off said it was a prototype for the Hiwatt Tube Over drive pedal, and the controls are the same as that.      Mate of mine who does pedal mods had a look at it and said he thought it may well have been a prototype as it had been tinkered around with a lot.  It looks amazing, has a valve in it..   and sounds pretty good as well! £60

Boss  OS-2   -  Modded by aforementioned mate. I think it was the 'marshall' mod he did, and it certainly opened up the sound of the pedal quite a bit , lots of battle scars on this one, but it works perfectly.  - £30. 

Thorpy Warthog v2  - Latest pedalboard friendly version.  Mint, comes with box  £150 -  SOLD

Fulltone OCD V2 -  mint comes with box -  £95  SOLD


Himmelstrutz Fetto Nord 70

4114 effects klon clone.


Hiwatt prototype


OCD v2


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