FS: Line 6 POD HD500

GrumpyrockerGrumpyrocker Frets: 1298
I'm selling my POD HD500 to make a bit of room and because I don't use it. It's never been gigged, only used at home. But that hasn't stopped me dinging it a bit. 

The HD500 is fully functional but there are a couple of things to note. 

1, The top left rotary control is a bit wobbly. Works absolutely fine but it just has some play in it. 
2, If you press too lightly sometimes FS7 ignores you. Never been a problem with shoes. But if you're a playing in socks kind of person it might not engage first go. 

Anyway I'm selling this for £100.

Collect only, West Dorset near Bridport/Beaminster.

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