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Pictures via email, PayPal friends and family. Postage included on all items, happy shopping

Boss BD2 w/Keeley mod - £63 SOLD - bought off of here, so just trying to get back what I paid. Mod was not done by Keeley himself, but it's pretty simple to do from what I hear.

Boss RV5 - £55 SOLD - boxed and in excellent condition, love that modulated setting 
Digitech Trio Plus and FSX Footswitch - £145 SOLD - boxed and in top condition. 

T Rex Acoustic Soulmate - £250 SOLD - Very impressive all in one acoustic board, been used about 4 times and is in excellent condition.  Has the box, manual and original powers supply

Boss PH2 - £55 SOLD - just the pedal, bit it's in great condition for it's age. Lovely phaser sound, but I have limited space and need a chorus pedal more

Keeley Caverns v2 - £115 SOLD- just the pedal,  no box, had Velcro on the bottom 

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