Pickguard plastic molecules breakdown into sticky goo - with solution.

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Today, some odd kind of chemical wizardry took place, which still has me baffled as to how it is possible, so thought I'd share it in case it helps someone else.

I recently bought, and received today a 2012 American Telecaster, which had been stuck under a bed in its case since new. The original owner never even took it out the case. Whilst I was changing the strings, I peeled the plastic film off the Pickguard, only to find that the pickguard had some strange reaction and initially turned tacky and sticky.

The more I tried to wipe it the worse it got. Ran it under a tap with some soap, and the thing just turned into a sticky gooey mess. Just touching it left sunken finger prints in the plastic, It was fit for nothing but the bin.

Made up my mind just to buy a replacement, but before I did, I thought I'd google it, and got a hit or two for lighter fluid or WD40.

Well, I tried WD40, sprayed on, rubbed all over, and I've never seen anything like it. Pickguard looks brand spanking new. I mean brand new, no marks, no signs of any issues whatsoever. It's so pristine that the whole thing has left me just baffled.

Chemical wizardry that I don't claim to understand, but saying the WD40 worked is an understatement.

Hope this helps someone.



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