FS/FT: 2x WGS G10C 8 Ohm , Jupiter 10LC 8 Ohm

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Magnatone Panoramic Combo (SOLD)

It is with a real heavy heart that I am selling this beauty. Absolutely one of the best amps I've ever used. The cleans are absolutely to die for, and the breakup is just heavenly. It also has one of the nicest spring reverbs I've heard, as well as the famous Magnatone harmonic tremolo that 'tremulates' between the left and right speaker in true stereo. This amp is kind of like having two (vastly improved) Princeton Reverbs in one cabinet. Also, it has quite a bit of headroom for its size and wattage, and it should be plenty loud for gigging. I've used it on a couple of gigs myself, and I could really dial in the volume right at the sweet spot. The condition is really excellent. I haven't used it a whole lot myself, and on the rare occasion that I transported it, I've always had the cover on it.  These are currently 2990 euros, new from Thomann.

The sale includes the original footswitch and a really nicely made Magnatone amp cover. I bought it brand new about a year ago. 

Special Fretboard price: Sold + Shipping. 

Magnatone Pics:

2x WGS G10C 8 Ohm: 

Up for sale are two WGS G10C 8 Ohm 75 watt speakers. I bought a set of these two weeks ago and settled on using one of them together with a Jensen. The other speaker was installed in my cab for just a few days, and it's maybe had 30 minutes of play time before I decided to go with a pairing of one G10C and a Jensen. 
Fast forward a few days and I stumbled upon something else by coincidence. The speaker I replaced the other G10C with is only marginally better for my application and tastes, but the WGS is a reaaaaally close second for me. 
Both WGS speakers are still in almost new condition. You can hardly tell they've ever been installed in a cab at all, and I haven't even soldered to the lugs as my cabinet is wired with push connectors. The first one that came out has maybe seen 30 minutes of use, and the second one hasn't been played a whole lot more. It has less than an hour of play time on it for sure. 

The G10C pairs really well with the Jensen P10Q, WGS G10A or Celestion G10 Gold for example. And these are also great single speaker applications, like in Princeton Reverb. All in all, these are massively versatile, big, powerful sounding 10s. Think Matt Schofield, Philip Sayce etc... 

I can sell them as a pair or individually. I'd also be interested in keeping one and trading the other for a WGS G10C/S as that is a speaker combo I am still pretty curious about. I would also be very interested in trading for a Fane A60 with cash on top from my side (could trade either the pair or one)
For a sale, my asking price is 60£ each + shipping.

I'm located in the Netherlands, but shipping to the UK from here shouldn't be crazy expensive. Feel free to inquire for a shipping quote if you are interested in buying or trading! Perhaps selling locally is a better option for speakers, but I did want to put these up on here, just in case someone's looking for them.


Jupiter 10LC 8 Ohm :

Acquired this one in a trade. It's a really nice speaker in excellent condition, but I actually don't really have a cab to put it in (I know... silly right?!)... It would be great for restoring an old amp or for a new build/replacement. Kinda hate that I don't have a use for this one because it just seems so nice...
Asking 70£ + shipping. I would consider the same trades as specified for the WGS 10s above.

This speaker is closely related to the WGS G10C. Perhaps they match well with each other, although I haven't tried that myself as I am pretty happy with the current setup in my 2x10 cab. 


Zilla Mini Modern 1x12 (SOLD):

And lastly, I am also selling my Zilla 1x12 Mini Modern (closed back) in western tolex with an 8 ohm Celestion G12H30. What can I say about this one? It's really just a killer little cabinet at a great price. It's also in excellent condition. This appears to be one of the earlier cabs made by Paul. 
Since I'm in the Netherlands, I'd have to do some research regarding shipping options, but I'm pretty sure I'd be able to arrange a shipping method for this one at a fair price. 
I'm asking SOLD elsewhere + shipping. I would also consider selling it unloaded.

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