PRICE DROP: Xitone Michael Britt (MBritt) powered FRFR speaker cab for Helix/Kemper, etc.

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Taken in trade recently and I'm not using it, so time to find it a new home. It has a Matrix power amp built in and can get to some serious noise levels. It can run as pure FRFR or an actual speaker. It has a top-mounted handle for easy carrying. It's in very good condition.


The 5 settings are:

Mode 1 = FRFR

Mode 2 = FRFR with 2db dip at 500hz and a 2db bump at 900hz. (Tweaks made by MBritt to Mode 1)

Mode 3 = FRFR with tweeter 3db down.

Mode 4 = FRFR with woofer only, no tweeter

Mode 5 = 12" woofer raw

Collect from Carlisle/Aspatria but will post if requested.

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So what!?

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