NO LONGER - FS First run Gibson Les Paul BFG, p90 & BB3.

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Complete set of pics here:

Love it as I do I gotta face facts - the neck is too chunky for my lickle paws.

Light and resonant and "acousticy" for an LP, I believe they're well chambered.

Has plenty of play wear but nothing that stops it screaming. It rocks - I'd keep it if it had a slimmer neck.

The mottling on the headstock front was from it being splashed with a drink of water in the garden. Cosmetic only, kinda in keeping with the aesthetic really.

I didn't know when I bought this but they were sold with a killswitch in place of the pick up switch. It's been converted back to 'normal' wiring some time in its life.

One thing - a couple of times, tho not recently, I switched it from the bridge to neck and it went quiet ie the neck PU didn't engage. I don't know the cause and can't reproduce it reliably.

Comes with the pictured Spider style hard case, which has a couple of dings but is perfectly fit for purpose.

The truss rod cover is an upgrade. No charge for that. ;-)

Made in 2007 according to serial number. I got it from eBay a couple of years ago.

The original brochure is here: - it claims 60s neck but I dispute that, I also have an LP Classic, this neck is much bigger.

I'm in Dorking, Surrey if you want a try out. Shipping would be a pain, don't have a box. Happy to meet up to a 45 minute radius. It's easy to get here from London, can pick you up at the station or nip down with my amp for you to try. Also a few minutes off J9 or 10 of the M25.

Asking £500.

UPDATE RE TRADES: perhaps a Tele. What I'm looking for is something for the role the BFG fulfils (except its neck is too big for me). A second guitar that rocks, isn't covered in plastic and isn't 'precious' as it'll be gigged, played in the garden etc. Natural wear and tear is absolutely fine.
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