THR 100 HD Dual Head and THR 2 x 12 Cab £500

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Collection only London.  No trades thanks

Dual head and dual mono cab -two of everything: two preamps, both with a built-in booster function that behaves as a stompbox; two effects loops; two power amps; two XLR line outs; and  two different-sounding loudspeakers.

Four button footswitch

Five-position amp voice selector, which packs three overdrives - crunch, lead and modern - and two cleans.  THR's digital power amp simulation, which in turn has five different valve choices, as well as Class A or Class A/B operation.

On board 'reverb'

 USB socket, which lets you hook up the THR100 to your PC to tweak some aspects of the amp from a handy offline editor.
Happy for people to come and try. However last chap after he'd finished said his train wasn't for an hour did i mind if he sat and watched TV.  I did
Guitar World review.

in real life the footswitch is the right way around
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