Blackstar ID15TVP

I have been using the Blackstar ID15TVP combo and its matching 4 button footswitch for about 18 months and cannot praise it enough.
The main attraction (to me) is its power amp modelling which give this little beast a nice variety of tube amp-like flavours, the KT88 being my fave.
It also has more than enough programmable effects plus built in tuner, noise gate and, if you want to you can access Blackstar insider editing via your pc or download patches.
In use at home I find that I can get a great sound even with the volume turned down so low it is on the same level as the sound from an unamplified guitar making my headphones redundant.
I enjoy using it so much that despite me gassing for gear and having more than enough cash to upgrade simply cannot justify moving to another amp.
Its ease of use and lack of background noise make it a real winner for me. 

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  • longilongi Frets: 88
    Fantastic amp if you ask me! I now have a the 60 watt to combo which has really impressed me which I picked up used for £80. I'm now selling my HT5. It's very easy to get good sounds out of the TVP's imo.

    I couldn't agree with you more!
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