BACK UP FOR SALE - Abbott Tweed Deluxe - with Rob Robinette Mod, with 2X10" Eminence Legends.

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So things being as they are, I need to sell off this little monster. 

It's a superb Abbotts amps handwired 5e3 tweed deluxe. This is in a 2x10 cab with 2 Eminence Legend speakers (ceramic) so this is loud and can keep up with a noisy drummer.

It is beautifully hand-wired by Eli Abbott...has had the orange drop cap values dropped to cure the flubby bass (a common mod on this circuit) and also benefits from a 3 way Rob Robinette mod switch that alters the negative feedback and tames the break up somewhat.

Normal/negative feedback/cathode bypass are the 3 modes gradually becoming cleaner so making the amp more versatile. 
It's in really good shape with a couple of minor bruises to the tweed tolex. Damn fine little thing. 

I'm looking for £650 and would prefer cash on collection. You can arrange your own courier, but I recommend collection as it is larger and heavier than a regular Tweed Deluxe. 

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