FS: Vox 2x12 retro cab, various Eminence speakers

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FOR SALE....prices assume PPG and include mainland UK delivery

VOX V212BN retro cab, original Greenback-based Wharfedale GSH1230-8 speakers, upgraded handles (originals also included)
£170 PPG posted mainland UK

Eminence Reignmaker Redcoat 'attenuating' Speaker - New/tested for 2 minutes then re-boxed £70 PPG posted UKmain

SOLD Scumback M75 65w 8ohm: £120 PPG posted UKmain SOLD

Celestion A Type 8 ohms - fixer-upper. Speaker works fine but solder lug melted off the tab so it needs a little TLC £35 PPG

ON HOLD Celestion G12 Alnico Cream, ON HOLD 8-ohm 90w: £175 (£225 with Tweed 112 cab)
Vox V212BN cab, 
Celestion A Type, 
Eminence Cannabis Rex
Eminence Reignmaker.
Give me a shout if you have any questions. 

ON HOLD Celestion G12 Alnico Cream: £175 posted ON HOLD
 (£225 if you want the 112 tweed cabinet as well)
...Heads up: I might be listing the 1961 valve-rectified 6G6 Bassman this week too. It's a stunner

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