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Welcome to the 7th fretboard concert challenge. The rules are simple - there are no rules*. 

We all start with the same song suggestion and record our own cover version. It's up to your imagination as to what you do with it. It could be faithful to the original or as out there as you wish. 

The idea is to share creativity and see how we end up with differing results from the exact same start point. Feel free to change key if needed for vocals. Feel free to go instrumental/spoken word/rap if singing isn't your thing. Feel free to share ideas in this thread or keep your hand close to your chest. Just have fun with it. 

The track to be covered has been chosen by the winner of the last challenge @IMC1980 ;

And his completely autonomous choice is....

Drum roll...

Nine to Five by Dolly Parton

Yes. That's right. So get on it


Entries to be sent in mp3 format to the following Email address:

You may wish to submit artwork to go with your entry. It brightens up the playlist and might get you more votes but it's not mandatory. 

Entries close at 11.30pm on Saturday 31st August. 

Only one entry per participant. 

A playlist of all the entries will be posted in the Voting Thread and you will have approximately one week to vote. Vote for your top 3 with 5 points awarded  for first place, 3 points for second place and 1 point for third place. Entrants obviously aren't allowed to vote for their own entry. 

Unlike other challenges in the Cover Challenge the winner wins a prize - they get to choose the track to be covered for the next challenge. Please have ideas ready in advance as you will only have approximately 48hrs to PM your suggestion or The Management will decide for you. 

Good luck. 
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