SOLD - Roland Quad-Capture UA-55 Audio Interface

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This is a rock-solid audio interface. However I have just upgraded to a Focusrite Scarlett which has more of everything, so it is now surplus to requirements.

2x front panel inputs on combined jack/XLR sockets. Input 1 can be switched to Hi-Z for direct input of a guitar or bass, and 48V phantom power is available on the XLR inputs.
2x rear panel jack outputs, which can be used balanced or unbalanced.
Front panel stereo headphone jack.

SPDF stereo in and out on rear panel coaxial sockets.

MIDI in and out via rear panel sockets.

Sensitivity controls for each front panel input.
Mix control between Playback and Input.
Output volume control - affects both analog outputs and headphones.
MONO button allows you to pan your monitored input signal(s) to the centre rather than hearing them hard left/right.
AUTO-SENS button automatically sets an input level, although most users will prefer to set levels themselves!

There are a couple of little dings to the front rim of the unit, otherwise all is good, with all controls working smoothly and quietly. I do not have the box or any paper manuals, but will include a suitable USB cable (which also powers the unit).

To use the unit with your computer you will need to install the USB driver and Roland's QUAD-CAPTURE Control Panel software. This allows you to set levels for the various inputs, and also gives you a decent compressor and noise gate on the front panel inputs.
I have been using it on an iMac running High Sierra. I upgraded to Mojave soon after it came out, but despite Roland's claim that it would work, it didn't, so I went back to High Sierra. I have since learned that this might be a general problem with Mojave requiring the user to allow microphone access.

You can find information on compatibility with Windows and Apple systems, as well as owner's manuals, here.

I am looking for £75 delivered in the UK.

Here are pics of the actual item, plus a screen shot of the software.

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