* * SOLD * * Black Dimarzio Cliplock strap very good condition

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hi I am selling a black dimarzio cliplock strap it comes with the packaging cardboard and plastic and the black and silver bushings and a set of clear washers.

I’m assuming I don’t have the original screws with it , I only have what looks like the silver ones but I can’t guarantee they are the originals as I swapped screws out when I put original strap pins back on a guitar I sold .

it should not be too difficult to get some if the supplied ones are not a suitable size.
43  to 63 inches in length.

very good condition, it was on my epiphone les Paul custom which was my alternate guitar for playing at jam nights but I ended up putting a leather strap back on there before I sold it. So the Dimarzio is in good condition.   It’s comfy and does not stick to your clothing so much as it’s mDe of seat belt type material. 

It’s also from a smoke/pet free home and does not stink of sweat /damp or beer etc 

£10 including postage seems fair.

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