Writer's block in naming my new kitten.

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She's now 9 weeks old.
She's a very cool kitten but I want a name that'll be a cool name for when she's a cat.
Off the record I'm calling her these choice pet names I have that I'd causally call her anyway But... 
Registering her... A cool name...

I'm thinking Batman.
(Just because right)...

She has a brother cat (different cat but my first cat) with a 'catified' Muslim name (I didn't name him, but)... (I love that name he has).
Then he got out the house within minutes of bringing him home and I'm nursing a new kitten my friend kindly bought me the day I caught another registered missing cat last week when I thought it was my cat, got it scanned at the vet and found out it's micro chipped, it's missing, but it's not my cat, so I reunited a cat which was cool but it wasn't my new 2 year old cat with the cool 'catified' Muslim name, so I was thinking 'Mewhummid' for this new she cat... But she's not a boy, and unlike Batman, that fact matters to me for some reason with a name like 'Mewhummid'...

She reminds me of she looks like a UK Mars Bar / US Milky Way Bar squished open in colour;The black is the chocolate and the brown lines (she had those too with her black lines).
However, this is only visible in light, when it's dark, she looks like a black cat.
Night I got her last week the day I reunited this lost cat (I checked with the vet just in case the message they left when I found him didn't get a reply, I did, owner came forward, cat successfully reunited, still not my missing cat.

I was thinking for this new kitten, a 'catified' Jewish girl's name should I find my missing cat with the 'catified' Muslim name, because I could if I find him, pretend it's the Middle East perhaps, and hope they get along - Then I remembered by chance this new kitten and my cat who's missing both came from Turkish families in different parts of London who happen to Muslim so, probably not. IDK. lol

From places of names I want to go for names to names based on places I've been;
I'm open to suggestions.

Sex: F
Age: 9 week
Previous name no one's liking since I don't think it suits her, the friend who gifted me this kitten has a name it sounds like and, the person who sold this kitten to my friend last week said she could change the name and, the name's a name, but  it's an option, but, and here's a need to change for me; It can rhyme with a negative word in Jamaican, so, I'm not Jamaican, but I'm not calling my kitten that in at night because my life here in Croydon taught me this word my kitten's name from the family with the mummy (and the daddy cat) doesn't rhyme with this word, no, it's a bonafide homophone of this word that makes me need to seek a cool new name, so, no on that name for me.

I'm open to suggestions.

I like Guns N' Roses and guitar and Jimi Hendrix too etc... I like cool names from the world of guitar in general, but I am open to suggestion given I have Batman.
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