What happens when you return faulty gear under warranty?

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Anyone work in audio equipment retail?

I've had my IK Multimedia ILoud micro monitors for just under a year, and they've developed a fault where pressure has to be placed on the speaker cable in a certain way or the main speaker on one side will cut out.

IK customer service (based in the US) has asked me to return it to my Malaysian dealer under warranty for a replacement.

I'm planning to head down to my dealer tomorrow and do as customer service has advised, but I'm wondering if it is any loss to my dealer that I am asking for a replacement. I imagine if it's still under warranty, they'll just return the whole set to IK and get a replacement? or will they be stuck with the faulty stock?

I imagine alot of this has to do with the supply contract, but was hoping someone would have some idea what the normal industry practice is. 
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  • Emp_FabEmp_Fab Frets: 16676
    I very much doubt the retailer would be left out of pocket, whichever way it's handled.
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  • boogiemanboogieman Frets: 6468
    When I worked in retail the company rep would usually  arrange a credit from the manufacturer for any faulty stuff. We could then dispose of it any way we wanted, so if it was fixable somebody would normally take it home to tinker with or use for spares. If was beyond fixing it’d just get binned. 
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    My understandings are:
    • If an item is returned to the manufacturer under warranty, they will repair or replace it. This is assuming that the fault was not caused by the user, nor considered general wear and tear. 
    • The time this can take is usually 2-4 weeks, but can take longer. Assessment and shipping from both ends, i.e. retailer and manufacturer. Sufficient time has to be allowed.
    • If after a period of time has elapsed that is deemed too long by the retailer, e.g. 60 days, and the buyer has still not received either a repair or replacement, it is at the retailer's discretion to step in and replace it. In this case, the original purchase will be likely written off.
    • Just because an item is still under warranty doesn't entail that a repair or replacement will be free. There may be costs involved. Be prepared for that.
    These aren't necessarily hard and fast rules, just my experience from working in various retail establishments. Good luck 
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