FS/FT Vintage 1968 Gibson SG Special Cherry Maestro Vibrola PRICE DROP £2900

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Selling my 1968 Gibson SG Special in cherry. This is an absolutely top class example of a late 60s SG! The only thing on this guitar which is not original is a refret with medium sized frets carried out by a top luthier. Apart from that this is 100% original, original pickups and electronics, original solder joints, no breaks or cracks, no repairs. It comes with the original deluxe hard shell case, which is fully functional. The deluxe case was an optional extra at the time over the standard case. They are very rare and go for at least £500 on their own. The neck on this one is a deep and rounded 59ish profile, which is very comfortable. The neck is dead straight and the guitar can be set up with a low action and no buzzing or choking. The tremolo can be used without losing tune (as long as it’s surf type wobble you’re trying to do). There is some normal wear and tear as to be expected for a 51 year old guitar (a few chips and scuffs) but it’s all pretty minor. Overall it is superb condition for its age. Message me for more photos.

£3750 £3500 £3300 £3100 £2900 firm

Trade options:

Collings i35, Gibson Les Paul 58/59 Reissue, Gibson ES335 59/63 Reissue, Fender Custom Shop Tele, Fender Custom Shop Strat, anything else you feel like offering me   (I think it goes without saying but I'm looking to trade like for like in terms of value, so some trade offers might need a bit of extra cash going either way to make the difference)

Will courier within UK and EU.

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