FS OR/ FT my PRS DGT for HSS Tom Anderson, Tyler, Xotics, Grosh, Suhr Superstrat - Nice Pics here

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Any one selling/moving on a good condition one of these guitars and preferably looking for a trade on my lovely PRS DGT (value £1850) but happy to sell, too.

My 2013 DGT is in excellent condition (no dings), has a hard PRS case (tatty looking on the outside but fine inside), various tags and the brighter, more vibrant pic was from Coda but the other one shows it as it is ( a little subtler) - these pics were already in my IMGUR gallery but IMGUR is playing up again and so in the meantime, I have some pro ones that I can email anyone who's interested.
EDIT: Thanks to McToot for putting up the rest of the photos further down the thread

It's a great player and sounds excellent but I'm really a Superstrat (SSH) guy.
Weight is 7lbs 12oz

Apart from those high end brands shown in the header, I'd possibly consider an MM Luke or Levinson Blade RH4 but looking for HSS configuration and Gotoh trem with locking tuners rather than a Floyd Rose type.

I've tried and had quite a few Suhrs and the SSH Antique or the Peach Ltd Edt would be good

Price - £1850 PPG or Bank Transfer or Cash on Collection & the same on a trade

With any trades, I have to try the guitar first and so being in Central London or Surrey, I'll consider London, M25 and surrounding areas Beds, Herts, Bucks, Kent and Essex

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