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I saw this wee beauty on Gumtree locally & as I don’t have a LP type guitar at the moment I thought I’d take a punt. 
Its a Vintage (brand) V100AFD- the “Paradise” model as it’s known. 
It’s in pretty good nick- maple cap with flamey laminate cap on top of what seems to be a single piece mahogany body. Strap lock and decent tuners complete the package. 
Its one of the “older” Wilkinson models- before they were told to change the heel carve and join. 
The neck is thicker that that of the last V100 I tried... hopefully I can learn to live with the ergonomics of a LP this time. 

One downside- the bridge pickup is giving a really low output & sounds a bit muddier than I’d expect.
 The neck roars but the bridge won’t drive my amp much.
 I’ve tried tapping the poles with a screwdriver and it appears both coils are working. I’ve raised the bridge pup & lowered the neck, that balances the volume but not the output- if that makes sense. 
Soldering looks fine & the controls work fine. 
What else should I be checking? I can get a multimeter from work to test resistance etc. 

Photos coming (once I’ve cleaned it- why do people sell dirty guitars? Or let them get dirty in the first place?)
Here’s a stock image to whet your appetite.

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