SOLD Badcat Blackcat 30r Head | 1x12 cab £1550

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I’ve decided to sell my Badcat Black Cat 30r with matching 1x12 cab. Absolutely love this amp but just don’t use it enough and it’s just too good for a back up amp which I tend to use it for.  It’s 2 channel 'handwired' amp, switchable to 15 watt. Includes a Hotcovers cover for the head and Rocsolid cover for the cab. Also a foot switch for switching channels. Hey even the Badcat logo lights up

My main gigging amp is an RDA Dualist which is more than enough for what I need and is also an equally magnificent amp but if I sold that I would lose too much money on it tbh and I need to liquidate some high value assets and unfortunately for me the Black Cat is it. Bloody good fortune for the buyer though because these are rarely seen for sale. This is the non K master version by the way.

I’m gonna regret this I'm sure

£1550 collection only. No trades I’m afraid

Link to my trading feedback:
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