FS: Dr Scientist (Bit Quest), EHX (MOD11, Pitchfork, SuperEgo), Dwarcraft (Wizard of Pitch)

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Edit Feb 2020: Even more pedals on the chopping block (including a beautiful limited edition BitQuest ).

All prices are assuming PP personal/gift, and include postage (Collect+ within UK).

I'm not interested in any trades I'm afraid (unless you have a Chase Bliss Dark World, Tonal Recall or Warped Vinyl).

None of these have been gigged (used in studio setup), so all in very good condition:
  • Dr Scientist Bit Quest £199 - Limited Edition ILF acid etched (1 off 50). Great 'boutique' multi fx.
  • EHX Pitch Fork £89 - Great pitch shifter (sounds very clean and non-glitchy to my ears)
  • EHX MOD11 £99 - Hardly used. Bought on a whim. Great pedal but I prefer analogue modulation effects.
  • Dwarfcraft Wizard of Pitch £129 - Grey version. Crazy pedal.
  • EHX SuperEgo £119 - Hardly used. Bought an EHX Attack Decay which has replaced this.

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