Pedal for sale - vintage MXR script phase 45 only left.....

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I'm not using any of these, so you can, if you like. 

Most have boxes etc but some don't. If it's photographed on a box then it does! All are in excellent condition unless stated, and fully functional. Prices include delivery and must be by PPG. UK only please unless you'll cover postage abroad. 



MXR script phase 45. A classic, vintage, original etc etc MXR script phase 45. In great condition and fully functional. It's a lovely thing. £160


Diamond Tremolo, one of the most versatile and beautiful sounding trems available. Certainly at this price point.  £120 SOLD

ThorpyFx Peacekeeper mkI. Brilliant thing and in perfect nick although the box is a little squished. 
£120 SOLD

Caline 10 band EQ. These are around £40 new, yours for £20SOLD

Fulltone Clyde Standard. Famously wahish, devlishly more-ish. Damned fine wah. £100 SOLD

Fat Freak by GimpFX. Clone of a famous fuzz pedal made by an American boutique pedal maker. Three of the last 5 letters of the alphabet plus a vowel make up the companies (and his) name. The pedal is based on an extinct hairy pachyderm and sounds amazing at 6-7v. Cheap as chips for those that enjoy dirty, velcro fuzz and also smoother types too. Reasonable versatile and made a lot more so by voltage adjustment. £45 SOLD

HomeBrewElectronics Germania 44. Ridiculously good germanium treble booster based on the Range Master and then some, with traditional and hifi settings. I haven't seen any of these for sale second hand recently and when I did, they fetched around £100. Yours for £80 SOLD

Creation Audio Labs MK.4.23 clean boost. A completely clean boost. Goes from unity to +24db clean as they come. £85 SOLD

Sonuus Wahoo. Never gigged, superbly versatile (and programmable from your desktop) wah/modulation/filter etc. Lots (and I really mean lots) of sounds in a box. £100 SOLD

Keeley Bubbletron, extremely versatile Keeley masterpiece. Does phase, flange, filter and a whole load of other things deliciously. £120 SOLD

Two MoogerFoogers;

An older Moogerfooger M105 Murf. I've used this a lot, it's had a couple of bashes and has a crack/split to the top right corner (visible in the pics) but despite that, it works perfectly. Bubbly deliciousness with that sound quality that Moog pedals really excelled in, in their day. Reverse polarity power, so be careful. Not the MIDI version, too old for that. Yours for £350 SOLD

An older Moogerfooger MF102 Ring Mod. I've used this a lot too and it's in excellent condition and works perfectly. Crazy sounds with that quality that Moog pedals really excelled at in their day. Reverse polarity power, so be careful. Yours for £320 SOLD

Empress Compressor, 'nuff said but I'll say more. One of the best studio quality, transparent compressors available. SOLD £180

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